Back Office for Stock

Market drivers and Market Boom are inducing participants towards processing larger number of transactions on a daily basis. Keeping in mind the business diversities and challenges of today’s Trade Market “BM Projects” has developed a comprehensive “Broker Back Office”, an integrated solution that can easily configure diverse Markets and Exchanges, Helping Brokers in meeting their operations objectives.
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Simulation Software For Training

This software is simulation of NEAT F & O software developed for trading in National Stock Exchange Futures & Options Market. The software is used to provide simulated trading environment for training purpose in institutes providing training to students of Financial Markets.
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Intranet Zones for Internal Management System

The solution most often used for comprehensive tracking of client details and commodity related information in such a way that activities like maintaining, planning, scheduling, and keeping record of daily entries etc can be done efficiently. It is used to find out the profit and loss of a particular operator per day.
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Online Trading Platform

Financial markets around the world have an ever growing demand for optimized systems to manage their clientele. Transaction costs have to be reduced as there are larger number of operations undertaken to get the competitive edge. Complex financial operations and alert investors demand cutting-edge technology trading systems capable of handling operations in terms of volume and complexity.The online trading solution developed by BM Projects caters all the above requirements.
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Intranet Of Trading Oraganization Having Branch Client Networks

Intranet zone is an environment by which users can access different sites of their intranet depending upon the type of rights they have. It makes available all the resources on your intranet to a single interface. You can access all those resources to which you are authorized for.
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Exchange Solution - ACX

The foremost & most important of all objectives is to provide professional services to the farmers keeping socio-economic upliftment in mind. This can be achieved by providing the common platform integrated with technological infrastructure to both farmers and consumers. ACX provides a platform that integrates the buyer & seller of commodities for real trade that gives fair price to the consumer as well as maximum gain to the farmer.
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Our Products

  • Qlickreport - BI Tool

    It is an evolving business intelligence MIS & reporting software provides easy and enhanced MIS reporting, data analysis and customized email-alerts.

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  • Manage your Health Records

    A Personal Health Record is a record with information about your health that you, and healthontios.com your manage health records.

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  • We Adopt Latest Technologies

    we evaluate the costs and benefits of using new technologies to make sure we adopt the right ones at the right moment

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