Report Manager

Report Manager is a software package/solution most often used for comprehensive report generation. Report generation is an integral part of enterprise application development. Choosing the right kind of report generation strategy decides the success of the application in terms of cost and performance with scalability. Report Designer provides a Report Data pane to organize data used in your report, and tabbed views for Design and Preview so that you can design a report interactively. Report Designer also provides query designers to help specify data to retrieve from data sources and the Expression dialog to specify report data to use in the report layout. Data of report manager is served by centralized database management system through data manager and keeps sanctuary of database through accounts manager.
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Data Manager

Data Manager is a software package/solution which provides you to process and manipulate your data in an easy and logical manner using a graphical interface. Data Manager has a robust set of data validation options to ensure that only valid data is added to your database. Data Manager provides number of valuable features.
  • Filter data by any combination of fields.
  • Import data from multiple sources.
  • Create fields that contain formulas.
  • Advanced data selection using Microsoft Query.
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Referral Manager

Referral Manager is a software/package solution to be used by BPO’s at its different locations. The extent of this software is to automate the requirement process (HR) of the company, where employees themselves can refer the potential candidate. In this software, provision is also provided to automate the reports related to human resource department. All the works related to HR are aligned and for those aligned works, reports are being generated automatically. In a nutshell the extent is to automate the referral manager and report generation of HR department.
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Productivity Manager

This application will help in improving the utilization of agents. It will facilitate functions like break management/ Shift management/Cases Done/Employee’s live activity tracking. This application will also help in tracking production done by agent in real time. It will provide agents a specific key or combination of keys that will be used by them after processing a case/claim. There may be multiple keys combination for different kind of cases/claim within same LOB. Application will identify the action and increase the count for that agent. Different business lines will use different combination of keys which will be defined by Admin. Application will also provide various production reports with login details.
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Trending & Suggestions

The functionality of Trending & Suggestion is to plan the capacity requirement for business. Business forecasting provides answers to the critical question, “What can I do today to improve my business tomorrow and make me profitable in the long term?” This Software package/solution provides current and accurate reports to make strategic decisions about quoting, cost planning, outsourcing, capital investments, product mix, profit planning, target customers and target markets.
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Mail & Alerts

Mail & Alerts is software package/solution used to provide valuable information regarding database activity that organization may be experiencing. Mail & alerts is event/target based and scheduler based. Posts will be made by and for Manager and employee. It is a swift automated mail system. By this, organization will have accurate and up-to-date information as possible. This solution can work as a stand alone application as well as integrated part of a solution.
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