Our Services

Web Based Portals

A Web portal or public portal refers to a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls. The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, but by now most of the traditional search engines have transformed themselves into Web portals to attract and keep a larger audience.

An enterprise portal is a Web-based interface for users of enterprise applications. Enterprise portals also provide access to enterprise information such as corporate databases, applications (including Web applications), and systems.

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Software Development Services

BMPEPLhas many years of expertise in development & implementation of systems for a broad range of market segments and has therefore built the knowledge base, necessary to supply such robust and secured systems to the corporate and government sectors.

As an independent software development company, we have gained experience of a wide range of computer operating systems, networking and communication environments and software development platforms.

This has provided us with a comprehensive range of expertise in combining these various technological disciplines into developing flexible and expandable integrated software solutions. As a leading Web and Client-Server based software solutions provider, we have recognized the importance of integrating these new systems and technologies, so that the benefits of the latest technology can be achieved whilst minimizing new investments or add on to the existing resources and infrastructure. As a specialist in these key technologies of today, we strongly advocate a planned migration path for achieving overall technology benefits with significant reduction in the associated risks.

BMPEPL has achieved considerable success in development & implementation of bespoke applications to meet the needs of different business segments like:

  • Financial Markets (Stocks & Commodities)
  • Legal, Secretarial and Taxation
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Real Estate Management
  • Travel and Tourisms
  • Food Products Distribution
  • General Trading
  • Publishing Houses
Offshore Software Outsourcing

Offshore Software Outsourcing (OSO) has proved to be a deciding factor for companies that offer cost and quality edge in an increasingly competitive market. OSO is as much about realizing great benefits to organizations through sophisticated program management and knowledge transfer skills as it is about building relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Grounded firmly on the foundations of trust, teamwork & technology, B.M. Project Engineers Pvt. Ltd., an Offshore Software Outsourcing Company since 2001, is having specialization in custom application development using many of the latest technologies, including .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ASP, VB,MS-SQL, etc. among others.

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Software Products

Software Product Development is defined as a business process (function), which validates and properly transforms initial product or service ideas into successful software products or software-based services. SPD function is integral to many types of businesses, including but not limited to: Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, hardware vendors using sophisticated software as part of their offerings, other companies whose services or products are heavily relying on software technologies

Software Maintenance Services

BMPEPL has developed and implemented Web & Client Server based application software products, supplied & implemented third party network operating system products and undertaken several software consultancy, development, and maintenance & support services projects.

Manpower Supply Services

The software developers are available for both short & long-term project based work or support services to complement existing skill sets. Experienced professionals are available for the latest development and implementation environments. These include but not limited to:

Operating Systems

  • Windows NT
  • Novell


  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySql

Front End

  • Developer
  • ASP.net With VB/C#
  • Power Builder

Modeling and Quality Testing Tool

  • SQL Station
  • UI Testing
Software Quality Assurance

We believe that BMPEPL success has been its investment in both people and technology and its commitment to Total Quality Management.

Quality of service and products supplied is the main factor that differentiates BMPEPL from other suppliers.Assuring our customers that we deliver what we promise is the foundation stone of our business rationale.

BMPEPL is committed to working with clients and their staff to implement business solutions which meet the needs of today and lay the foundation for tomorrow.

Importantly,BMPEPL ensures that skills and Knowledge Transfer through training provides clients the confidence to manage the solution in their operational environment.

Our Products

  • Qlickreport - BI Tool

    It is an evolving business intelligence MIS & reporting software provides easy and enhanced MIS reporting, data analysis and customized email-alerts.

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  • Manage your Health Records

    A Personal Health Record is a record with information about your health that you, and healthontios.com your manage health records.

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  • We Adopt Latest Technologies

    we evaluate the costs and benefits of using new technologies to make sure we adopt the right ones at the right moment

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